Air Filter

The foam air filter helps trap dust, dirt and debris from entering the carburetor and the internal parts… Continue Reading


The engine’s carburetor helps supply consistent and steady flow of the fuel to the engine… Continue Reading

Detergent Injection Kit

The detergent injection kit allows you to spray detergent with your pressure washer… Continue Reading

Oil Change

By regularly changing the oil, it helps keep the engine lubricated so it runs properly. When clean oil is running… Continue Reading

Pump Assembly

The engine’s pump helps create the water pressure so your gun is able to spray at a high pressure… Continue Reading

Recoil Starter

Your gas-engine pressure washer’s recoil starter should start spinning the engine when the rope is pulled… Continue Reading

Spark Plug

The gas-engine pressure washer’s spark plug transmit an electrical signal to ignite the fuel and air in the engine’s cylinder to… Continue Reading

Thermal Relief Valve

The gas-engine pressure washer’s thermal relief valve helps protect the pressure washer’s pump against thermal… Continue Reading

Water Filter

Pressure washer’s water filter helps prevent debris in the water from entering the pump where they can damage or decrease… Continue Reading