The engine’s carburetor helps supply consistent and steady flow of the fuel to the engine. It allows your engine to get the right amount of fuel-air mixture so it runs smoothly.

If your gas-engine pressure washer isn’t starting, or if it doesn’t accelerate the way it used to and you’ve tried cleaning the carburetor, then your engine’s carburetor might need to be replaced.

When the carburetor is clogged, the engine might not be getting enough fuel, as a result, the engine may not start or run properly.

Follow this easy-to-follow instruction guide to learn how to replace the carburetor on your Simoniz gas-engine pressure washer.

Specific model instructions and parts required for:

Simoniz 2700 PSI (Model: 039-8055-2/UG01)

Carburetor (UG01-102-0000)

Simoniz 3200 PSI (Model: 039-8056-0/XG01)

Carburetor (XG01-102-0000)