Recoil Starter

A gas-engine pressure washer’s recoil starter consists of a rope with a crankshaft. When the crankshaft is pulled, the rope uncoils and spins to crank the engine to start.

Your gas-engine pressure washer’s recoil starter should start spinning the engine when the rope is pulled. If the engine doesn’t spin, then check to see if the recoil starter is broken.

Follow this easy-to-follow instruction guide to learn how to replace the recoil starter on your Simoniz gas-engine pressure washer.

Specific model instructions and parts required for:

Simoniz 2700 PSI (Model: 039-8055-2/UG01)

Recoil Starter Assembly (UG01-101-0000)

Simoniz 3200 PSI (Model: 039-8056-0/XG01)

Recoil Starter Assembly (XG01-101-0000)